Access Control Security Services

Access Control Security ServicesOur industry-leading access control systems will assist you in protecting your assets and creating a safe environment for employees and visitors.

Choose the best access control security services available. We offer cutting-edge access control systems such as door intercoms, card, and proximity tokens, biometric recognition, and hands-free systems.

SSG Security offers a wide range of cutting-edge access control systems, including door intercoms, card and proximity tokens, and biometric and facial recognition. We have the knowledge and experience to design and install a system that is customised to your needs, allowing you to focus on protecting your people, property, and assets.

Benefits of Access Control Security

Our experts will design, install, and maintain an access control solution tailored to your needs.

An effective access control Security system:

  • Defends against unauthorised entry
  • Protects your buildings and property
  • Provides remote access
  • Safeguards employees
  • Reduces costs

What do We Offer

We have the flexibility to specify the most appropriate access control system for your premises, designing a system that is right for you. SSG instals and maintains access control systems from a variety of leading manufacturers, including Lenel, Paxton, Plan, Salto, Abloy Aperio, and Avigilon.

Access control allows you to control, monitor, record, and restrict the movement of people throughout an entire building. Access can be granted using a variety of methods, adding multiple layers of security. These methods include code, card or fob, mobile phone credentials, facial recognition, wireless key entry, and biometric technology.


SSG can provide a comprehensive set of cloud-hosted and remotely managed monitoring options that make use of all industry-standard technologies. SSG provides 24/7 service support to its customers through its own Control room, which is run by a dedicated team of monitoring operatives and fully qualified engineers.


Access Control
Access Control Security Services

We use our vast experience in protecting people, property, and assets to provide a comprehensive range of services for vacant and occupied properties, including grounds maintenance, pest control, and commercial glazing and locking solutions.
Our Site Security solutions help to ensure that properties and remote locations are protected 24/7, theft and vandalism are prevented and health and safety requirements are met.

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