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Hospital Security UKSSG Security enhances healthcare security and patient safety. Improve Patient Care and Healthcare Compliance.

SSG Security enhances healthcare security and patient safety. Improve Patient Care and Healthcare Compliance Our security personnel ensure that hospitals and other NHS facilities are accessible and secure for patients, visitors, and staff.

Our Hospital Security Officers

Our team of dedicated and professional hospital security guards who have experience providing healthcare security services is at the heart of our healthcare security services.

We don’t just hire random people to work as hospital security guards. We thoroughly vet and background checks our employees before providing in-person training tailored to the healthcare industry.

This ensures that they are aware of and prepared for the likely threats they will face while providing healthcare and hospital protection, as well as the tools to manage those threats.

What We Offer for the Hospital Security

When you contact us for healthcare security services, a member of our hospital security team will visit your facility to conduct an on-site risk assessment. We will then consult with staff to determine the best solution that meets their requirements. Finally, you will be given a customised solution that ensures all possible security solutions are covered in your healthcare facility or hospital.

Monitoring healthcare solutions such as CCTV, reception duties, and entry and access control are all part of the job. Our professional hospital security services and healthcare security guards will ensure that no unauthorised individuals gain access to your facility or hospital.

Our top priority is the safety of our employees, patients, and visitors.

Hospital Security
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We use our vast experience in protecting people, property, and assets to provide a comprehensive range of services for vacant and occupied properties, including grounds maintenance, pest control, and commercial glazing and locking solutions.
Our Site Security solutions help to ensure that properties and remote locations are protected 24/7, theft and vandalism are prevented and health and safety requirements are met.

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