SSG – Supply of Equipment / Uniform

SUPPLY OF EQUIPMENT / UNIFORMUniform Sheet Directly Recruited Officer


Receipt of Equipment/Uniform

Signature and Agreement:

I confirm that should I leave SSG before completing three months service, for whatever reason, I agree to repay the full cost of the non-returnable* uniform issued to me. If I do not return my returnable items to my manager, I authorise the Company to make a deduction from any payments due to me.
I further agree that if the deduction does not cover the total amount due to the Company
and money remains outstanding, I will repay this amount to the Company within one month of the date of leaving the Company.
I understand that it is my responsibility to keep the uniform clean and tidy, and that a free quota of replacement uniform is available, however should I request more than my annual
quota, I will be charged accordingly