Vacant Property Security

Vacant Property Security and Site SecurityProtect your vacant property

SSG is on the (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme (Certificate Number: SSGUGRSC01) for the Provision of Security Guarding, Vacant Property Security, Key Holding, Retail Security, and Public Space Surveillance (CCTV).

For property owners and businesses across the UK, vacant property security is a major concern as the number of empty commercial premises continues to rise.
As a property owner, you are likely to find at some point that your property is empty for an extended period of time. Vacant and unprotected properties are attractive to vandals, thieves, and squatters, so it is important that you know how best to protect your buildings from such crimes.

Our highly skilled team can offer a range of solutions that can be tailored to keep your vacant premises safe and secure.

Vacant Property Wireless CCTV

Whether it’s a team of highly-trained SIA -licensed security guards or the technical systems you need, such as alarm systems and CCTV, we have the expertise to provide you with exactly what you need to secure vacant properties. No matter the size of the property or the time of day, our 24-hour service is here for you.

Vacant Property Security
ssg vacant property cctv

We use our vast experience in protecting people, property, and assets to provide a comprehensive range of services for vacant and occupied properties, including grounds maintenance, pest control, and commercial glazing and locking solutions.
Our Site Security solutions help to ensure that properties and remote locations are protected 24/7, theft and vandalism are prevented and health and safety requirements are met.

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