SSG awarded to ESPO Security Framework

Support Services Group awarded on to ESPO Security FrameworkSecurity and Surveillance Equipment & Services

SSG Support Services Group LTD has been awarded the ESPO Security and Surveillance Framework. This ESPO framework provides public authorities, complete access to a range of security and surveillance results including public and private space CCTV, access control, intruder detection, and ANPR.

A framework for ad hoc or planned security requirements, such as key holding and response services, mand guarding, and mobile patrol. The framework also includes the provision of canine security services.

The framework can be utilised by clients via a direct call-off with their favored supplier( any supplier listed on the framework), or they can run a competition exercise amongst all suppliers that are capable of meeting your demand.

What is ESPO?

ESPO are a public sector owned professional buying organisation, specialising in providing a wide range of goods and services to the public sector. With their expertise and varied supply chain, they offer the sector the best value procurement solutions possible.


SSG Support Services Group provides customers with a fast, easy and competitive way to purchase a comprehensive range of security services. The purpose of this page is to provide you with an overview of what is available. The framework offers S.I.A. (Security Industry Authority) licensed staff for; Front house Security, Retail Security, Key Holding, Static Guarding,  Security Dog Unit, Mobile Patrols, Event Security.

Lots 1A – 12A: Site Security

These indigenous lots allow customers to access the provision of Security Services for Site Related Security Services, including key holding,un-locking/ locking up services, static guarding, mobile patrolling, and companion duties in the government’s nine defined regions of England plus the three other countries within the UK

Lots 1B – 12B: Event Security

These indigenous lots allow customers to access the provision of Security Services for Event Security Services, including general security duties, stewarding duties, and front-line entrance supervision in the government’s nine defined regions of England plus the three other countries within the UK.

Lot 13 – Canine Services

This indigenous lot allows clients to get to the arrangement of arranged and specially appointed protecting to different Sites in consistence with BS 8517-1 and BS8517-2 codes of training. The overall prerequisites might include a static canine unit, versatile reaction unit, and occasion security in the public authority’s nine characterized districts of England in addition to the three different nations inside the UK. Extra expert administrations may likewise incorporate opiate, explosives, pyrotechnic, gun, or money recognition.

  • Lot 1A Site Security (East Midlands)
  • Lot 2A Site Security (West Midlands)
  • Lot 3A Site Security (East Of England)
  • Lot 4A Site Security (South East Of England)
  • Lot 5A Site Security (South West Of England)
  • Lot 6A Site Security (North West Of England)
  • Lot 7A Site Security (North East Of England)
  • Lot 8A Site Security (Yorkshire And The Humber)
  • Lot 9A Site Security (London)
  • Lot 10A Site Security (Scotland)
  • Lot 11A Site Security (Wales)
  • Lot 12A Site Security (Northern Ireland)
  • Lot 1B Event Security (East Midlands)
  • Lot 2B Event Security (West Midlands)
  • Lot 3B Event Security (East Of England)
  • Lot 4B Event Security (South East Of England)
  • Lot 5B Event Security (South West Of England)
  • Lot 6B Event Security (North West Of England)
  • Lot 7B Event Security (North East Of England)
  • Lot 8B Event Security (Yorkshire And The Humber)
  • Lot 9B Event Security (London)
  • Lot 10B Event Security (Scotland)
  • Lot 11B Event Security (Wales)
  • Lot 12B Event Security (Northern Ireland)
  • Lot 13 Canine Services


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